Journey so far ~

It is surely not an easy journey, especially at the very beginning and the world ( read : Season Sale ) is against you for following something. Here I am listing a few difficulties I face everyday ~

Never ending clutter –

When I first started de-cluttering, I was overwhelmed of the things I could get rid of so easily. It felt like I had so many things I did not need. But soon it became harder because I found myself in dilemma every day on if I should get away with the new top I have or my favorite one? Sadly, adding to it I ended up buying a few new pieces as I moved forward, out of being frustrated with the work at office which kept taking my calm away. I think it will take time for me to change a habit, but I am not losing hope.

Gifts –

This is something I don’t have control over. I love receiving gifts from loved ones, especially the well thought ones. But I dislike the clutter I get in the name of gifts, I am sorry if I sound rude. I dislike getting gifts just for the sake of the obligation. Sometimes its good to let others know if you need something specific in form of gifts if you know they are going to give you something. Don’t forget to be polite!

 Not being minimalistic enough –

There are no rules when you want to follow a lifestyle. No quick tips. I always make my own boundaries. I decide how far I want to go and later I stretch it as I go forward. I don’t let anyone tell me I have too many of a certain type of dress or that I have too many books or stationery. If I am passionate about something, I allow myself to have it as much as I want. But I wont want to clutter the things that wont make me happy. The key is to avoid stress and try to make yourself happy.

If you have similar or different struggles, let me know about it in the comments.



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