#TTT – Firenze, Italia


This cannot be really considered a ‘travel post’ considering I lived in Florence for about two years. There are so many things I would want to share about this ‘stuck in time’ city of Italy.

My first step into the city was back in time, literally. I was swept away into the renaissance period being surrounded by beautiful architecture and historical buildings together with breathtaking art at every turn for two whole years. Believe me, two years weren’t enough.

My everyday walk from home to school had me fall in love with the smell from cafes and patisseries. I was surrounded by tourist and locals, music in every piazza and the most beautiful landscape in the world. The culture of hospitality and kindness that was offered by the Florentine people was one of the many reasons I would want to go live in Florence again. The traditions and lifestyle of Italian people was intriguing.

It is obvious from the pictures that this post is mainly going to be about the Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore. The most intriguing thing about this dome and its relation with the city of Florence was that it was a view finder. It is the Skyline of the beautiful city of Florence. It peaks through everywhere, in every frame of the city. I wont talk much and let you gaze the photographs I took while my stay in the city and hope that you will make your travel plans soon to experience the same.

a 955IMG_7241

a 959
Giotto’s Campanile



Few facts:

Although the dome looks spherical, it is not a perfect sphere. Its construction takes ideas from Gothic architecture, structurally resembling a Gothic vault more than the ideal hemisphere of the Pantheon that Brunelleschi had studied. The goal in this structure was clearly to make a spherical dome, at least one that appeared spherical. However, Brunelleschi had to work with the Gothic structure that was already present. The task of building a sphere on top of an octagon was not a simple one. The dome has survived through hurricane strength winds, and several earthquakes. Even today, tourists take the same routes as the dome builders going up one of the supports and down another to get to the top of the dome. Inspired by the classical ruins, with a renewed interest in theory and with incorporating classical design features with harmonious geometrical proportions.

The dome is the predominant symbol of Florence.

I miss this pretty city every single day ever since my stay there.




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