Finding my style

Happy Friday ya’all,

Amongst the first steps towards a minimalist lifestyle was to go through my clothes. So I started to read everything about capsule wardrobe and Minimalist wardrobes etc. To be honest I did not want to throw away it all or at all before defining my style. So I decided to dress for a week by making conscious decision of what I am wearing and how I feel about it.

I started with pulling out my favorite clothes or the ones I wear the most. Most of them aren’t very new ( as I am practicing to shop less often and more intentionally, will share this story other time). Making sure these clothes suit the weather conditions in bangalore which is unpredictable, I started styling them.

After a two hour struggle at the start of the week I learnt that there is no right or wrong way to do this. I changed my approach and looks with the same outfits till I finally went from ‘ is it me?’ to ‘this is it!’. So this is what I wore from Monday to Friday with 7 items of clothing which included 2 tops, 1 dress, 1 shirt, 3 bottoms, 1 pair of shoes and 1 accessory.

Meetings on Monday : Dress, Flats and Sunnies
Tuesday : Ripped jeans, White photo tee, Flats and Sunnies
Wednesday : Ripped skirt, White tee, Flats and Sunnies
image_6483441 (2)
Thursday : Mom fit jeans, Grey basic tee, Flats and Sunnies
Friday : Ripped skirt, White tee, Shirt,, Flats and Sunnies

What I learnt form my styling was I loooove White tees and my idea of dressing is basic casual. Even on meeting days at work, I try to pull up a casual look without making it look not-so-serious.

I am excited to hear your thoughts so pour them in!



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