#TTT – Visvesvaraya Tower

Last Sunday, I decided to take a short trip to this well-known government building in Bangalore (that’s where I am currently living). I will quickly jump to what made me take this trip by skipping how much effort did I have to put in getting up that early.

I have been living in Bangalore since a year now and I kept passing through this modernist building standing tall on a cross road. I kept thinking I have to visit this building and explore it. While describing it to a friend of mine, I realized the architectural language resembles to that of one of the finest of architects in India, Charles Correa. And it was a classic Correa, Clean, true to its nature and a magnificent modern building which you cannot ignore.

Visvesvaraya tower is a government building with mainly offices relating to banking and elections. This design is often excluded whenever Correa’s works are mentioned. It has similar design concept like most of his designs – cubical composition often thought of a wholesome cube and spaces created by removal. Use of concrete, wood and metal materials in their honest forms. Minimalist and almost brutalist in its language.

shortlist correa (1)shortlist correa (2)shortlist correa (4)shortlist correa (5)shortlist correa (6)


A Sunday early morning trip to this architectural marvel with a sip of Indian filter coffee. Sunday done right!



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