Why this journey?


Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Florence


Turning 27 this year made me realize how I was just living my life without any meaning. My design aesthetics of enduring simplicity would not reflect in my life. I am taking this journey to find myself and start living a meaningful life.

Today, I have a closet full of clothes but ‘nothing to wear’; I do a lot of things but I am never satisfied. I hurry a lot to get to the end and in middle of all this I forget to live and be happy.

So I decided to make an effort to change my lifestyle, the calmness I find when I design is the calmness I want to adopt in my lifestyle.

I will take you on my journey towards a simple life, small closet, minimal designs, intentional choices and more joy. Meanwhile, let me know if you have done something similar or have any guidance for the same.



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