Interior Design Project : Plans for Bedroom Makeover

Hey guys! This is my first makeover post so this will lay the foundation to my design style. A friend of mine recently asked me to redo her bedroom. Her description of what she wanted was very clear ‘more storage and not boring’. Oh! also ‘please dont use black, white and brown’ which ironically are my three go to colours and they were thrown out of the palette. This really helped me get creative and made me look at some options that i might not have before.

I love challenenges, they help me grow and experiment as a designer. I understood she wanted something brighter and multi purpose.

I decided on cool, but edgy, and i went for a bit of a modern style with royal touch. So lets dissect the moodboard, a little ~


These were the plans ~

I was keen on using bold colour for one of the walls which will become the feature wall. Also decided to use bright colour pops for the furniture and accessories in the room. The idea was to make the room look elegant and cool so i went for using gold in some accessories. And ofcourse the plants in the room for warmth.

I shall do a reveal within the next couple of weeks so watch this space!




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