6 steps to accessorize your Bathroom

Bathroom is often the most overlooked room in the house. We spend so much time in our bathrooms that they should be a little slice of heaven in your home. I bet you go to the luxurious  hotels in your city and are awestruck by the beauty of the bathroom (sshh not talking about the goodies you steal).

I understand, while buying a new home or redoing your home interiors, you run out of budget and patience to give any importance to the bathroom. So I will share a few of my basic go to tricks for the makeover of one of the most overlooked room in your house.

1. Make a Feature of the products you use


Put your products in  similar colored containers. Place them on a ceramic tray. I did not buy new containers i happened to have all products which had similar coloured container ( yes, i am obsessed with tht Bodyshop tea tree and fuji green products). I put them on a stone finish left over table top piece from previous interior project.

2. TowelsIMG_7092C9E9DB41-5DD7-4D3B-AB14-919B8B67A67D

Invest in your towels. Match them to the colour scheme of your interiors. I personally like white towels, they make people feel clean.

3. Add a little friend


Have a small figurine of your choice or a toy to add life to the dead space. I have this Pink elephant from Delirium beer that my friend gifted me on our trip to Brussels.

4. Add Patterns


I bet you have a feature wall in your bedroom, lets have it in the bathroom too. It adds interest to the space.

5. go GreenIMG_7095

Add plants, lots of it! Or at least small ones, which will instantly bright up your bathroom.

6. Storage


Storing make up and loose products like face wash and hand wash into trays or baskets will make the bathroom space look more organised.

So, do you think you’ll be putting any of these tips into use so that every time you shut that door behind you, you can say ‘ahhhhh’!




Some of the photos are not mine, due credits to the photographers.




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