Welcome to studiominimus!


How did i land here?

After almost two years of travelling in Europe and living in the historic city of Florence, I finally decided to end my nomadic life and settle down at studiominimus. Just as my belief about each space reflecting the real soul of its occupant, this blog (my home) reflects me.

Why ‘studiominimus’? 

Mainly because I believe minimalism is timeless but the definition is subjective to me. This name best reflects my identity and I will try my best to do justice to it. I hope you will become a recurring guest and you’ll take a little bit of creativity every time you visit me.

What will studiominimus offer?

Mostly you will find ideas about how to make a place, your space. More often, you will have options to buy my designs which will range anywhere from a spoon to a coffee table set or a chair to tile design. Also, design displays of other offbeat designers who do what they love.


I won’t write too much on reasoning my existence in this blogosphere. This felt the right place to settle down and I am sure I will find my little world out here. Moreover, I was so inspired and encouraged by everything that happened in the past years. I hope to share my nostalgia with you all sometime later. Welcome to studiominimus and Happy reading.




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